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  • Nigel Sealey


Updated: Jan 6, 2019

If you've just taken the dive into puppy parenthood, you could be forgiven for finding yourself a little bit out of your depth! Puppies, as well as being cute, are a massive commitment and offer challenges to even the most patient of owners.

We've drawn up a care schedule that is designed to give your pup the best start in life. By offering your fur baby a daily routine, you are giving them a massive head start. Toilet training becomes easier, they will be more responsive to behavioural training, and you might even get a full night's sleep! After the first month, you may want to start simplifying things as you and your pup get into the groove. We've based our schedule around crate training, but feel free to use it as a base for your own personal preferences.

06:30 - Outside for toilet. Start using a command like "Be quick"

07:00 - Food and water

08:00 - General puppy mayhem. Have fun. Wear them out!

09:00 - Outside for toilet

09:15 - In crate for quiet time

11:00 - Outside for toilet

11:15 - Training. Simple commands to start

11:45 - Food and water

12:00 - Free time (no playing or running so soon after eating)

13:00 - Outside for toilet

13:15 - In crate for quiet time

15:00 - Outside for toilet

15:15 - Training

15:45 - Food and water

16:00 - Free time (no playing or running so soon after eating)

17:00 - Outside for toilet

17:15 - In crate for quiet time

19:00 - Outside for toilet

19:15 - General puppy mayhem and more training if receptive

20:00 - Outside for toilet

20:15 - Food and water

20:30 - Free time and wind down (with regular toilet breaks)

22:45 - Outside for toilet

23:00 - In crate for bedtime

We hope you and your fur baby enjoy bonding with each other and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

This is Luna, a Flatcoated Retriever puppy who will be joining us when she is old enough.

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